One day trek east of Leh 28/6 2017
Unnamed peak 4040m

We go for a shorter acklimatizing trek, east of Leh. We follow a trek leading from Leh to Saboo, then changing to another one leading back. (larger picture)


After reaching the first small pass on 3700m we move on to the next one. (larger picture)
There are plenty of small lizards here. But they are fast and difficult to catch with the camera. This picture is cropped quite a bit. (larger picture)

At the second pass, 3800m From here it's downhill to Saboo, Now barely visible at the end of the valley. (larger picture)

From here it's possible to traverse the mountains to another path, leading back towards Leh. There we reach the last pass of the day, 3930m. (larger picture)

Directly to the south of the pass is a unnamed peak that we now climb. (larger picture)

Here's the peak from another angle. The upper part is steeper and needs som care at a few passages. So, no beginners peak then. (larger picture)

Once at the summit (4040m) we can clearly see the rain coming in from the south. We don't want to cross the difficult sections when it's wet and slippery, so we don't stay for long up here. (larger picture)

Going back to Leh . (larger picture)