Litltind 717m (Mjellefjellet), Norway 23/10 2016

Mjellefjellet can be found about 20km north of Bodø. Here are the peaks Breitinden, Valviktinden and Litltind. The climb to Litltind is from the right in this picture. (larger picture)


The starting point at 50m altitude. From here it's easy to follow the path leading up towards the summit. (Although I actually took the wrong route on my descent, giving me a detour... ) (larger picture)

Steigtinden 793m, very steep. (larger picture)

Mistfjorden to the northeast. (larger picture)

Looking south towards Bodø from less than 500m. (larger picture)
The summit is quite sharp with a drop to the north. The official altitude 717m might possibly be a bit low. My altitude meter shows 735m. But it's not a totally accurate instrument, so...(larger picture)

The somewhat higher peak Valviktinden (780m) to the west. You have to descend quite a bit before climbing that one, so I leave it. (larger picture)

The ferry is crossing the fjord. (larger picture)

Looking south towards Bodø. (larger picture)

Zooming in to the south. (larger picture)

Zooming in Steigtind 793m. (larger picture)

I believe this is Småtindan 1320m, south of Bodø. (larger picture)

Mistfjorden far below and Lofoten towards the horizon in the background. (larger picture)
Zooming in towards Lofoten. (larger picture)