Zinken 1613m, Germany 31/3 2016

After parking the car in Unterjoch (2,50 Euro), we walk around the southern side of the mountain, until the summit is visible ahead of us. Here the summit cross can be seen, high up in the middle. (larger picture)


I think the northern alps have a beauty of their own. They are not the highest, but there are many lovely places here. (larger picture)

Reaching 1400m. (larger picture)

Now we've reached the ridge,  following it towards the summit(larger picture)

It's fairly steep in the higher parts. Here we have reached the climbing section, secured with wire a bit higher from here. (larger picture)

Sören climbing trough the narrow gulch. (larger picture)

From here there is an additional steep section towards the summit. The snow makes it more difficult, and we have to remove it to reach the wire. (larger picture)

Looking north, towards the twin summit Sorgschrofen, 1636m. (larger picture)

A view from the summit. This is no mountain for beginners, even if you don't have to use a harness and helmet to climb it. But some experience of steep climbs is preferable. (larger picture)

It's really beautiful up here! This is the western opening towardsTannheimer Tal, Austria. (larger picture)

Hochvogel, 2593m, in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)
To the southwest, the areas around  Oberjoch. (larger picture)