Seebodenspitze 2859m, Italy 30/3 2016

The weather looks uncertain as we approach St. Valentin in northern Italy. But we take the cableways up to 2400m anyway, to see what developes. (larger picture)


Higher up, the weather changes constantly. One moment you see the peaks up there, the next you don't see anything. (larger picture)

Like here, now on about 2600m. But everybody are in a good mood anyway. The lack of visibility makes it difficult to navigate. In one place we have to turn back and descend, to find a better way up. (larger picture)

But then it starts clearing up, and we can see the summit above. Here's Dante, with less than 100 altitude meters to go. (larger picture)

As stated, the weather changes. One moment the summit looks like this.  (larger picture)

Just a few seconds later it can open up, looking like this instead. (larger picture)

Looking to the northwest, where you can see parts of both Switzerland and Austria. (larger picture)

Sunshine on Elferspitze, 2926m. (larger picture)

Sören descending again. We got a fine experience up here, to some degree thanks to the poor weather. (larger picture)