Rote Wand 1960m, Austria 29/3 2016

This is a resting day. But we want something to do, so we take the. Kanzelwandbahn up to 1948m. The original thought is to climb Kanzelwand, 2058m. Here it is in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)


To start with, it's quite easy, and beautiful! (larger picture)

The higher we get, the steeper it becomes. We move carefully, and a bit further than this picture we turn back, as the slopes reaches almost 60 degrees. This is a nice peak in summer, but not now. (larger picture)

We don't want to go down emptyhanded, so we look for an alternative peak. Close to the cableway station is Rote Wand, to the right in this picture. By descending some 50m we avoid the steepest slopes, then diagonal towards the summit. (larger picture)

Dante making the final approach to the summit. (larger picture)

The view up here is spectacular. We can see Grosser Widderstein, 2533m, to the south. (larger picture)

A bit more to the southeast. (larger picture)

To the north is the alpine border, with the German flatlands behind. (larger picture)

Straight to the south, I believe. (larger picture)

Time for relaxing with a cappuccino before taking the cableway down again. (larger picture)