Monticchio 1696m, Italy 3/3 2016

I have climbed Monticchio once before, in july 2013. But this time it's winter and totally different. Three students and I go from Geneva Switzerland, where the weather is poor, to Italy where the weather is fine. We park by Bocchetto Sessera 1380m, with the slopes towards Monticchio behind. (larger picture)


Three youngsters climbing the slopes, on a soft and rather difficult snow. (larger picture)

On the Po Valley there is sunshine, it's a warm day. Further into the alps it's only snow, cold and misery. In other words, we are in the right place. (larger picture)

The final climb towards the summit. (larger picture)

Far to the north east, the alpine border is going east-west, to the north of the Po Valley. Bielmonte to the right. (larger picture)

And here's the summit cross on Monticchio, 1696m, I needed about 1h to get here. Cold winds and time shortage makes me stop here. But where are the youngsters?  (larger picture)

No problems! Maybe a bit unused to snowshoes, but they arrive. Here's Tobias, Anton och Hilma at the summit. (larger picture)

The ridge continues to the north, towards Cima del Bonom, 1877m. It can be seen to the left. We were supposed to climb that one as well. But as I said, we didn't have the time. (larger picture)

Looking to the south, Monte Mars 2600m among others. (larger picture)
A look across the Po Valley during the descent. In the very clear air we can see the Apennines, some 100km away. (larger picture)