Ranastongi 1900m, Norway 23/6 2016

Youtube clip

This is a training trip for the Himalayas in two weeks. We want to make sure everything works as it should, and set up basecamp at 1150m altitude by the lake Vavatn. Here is tha starting point of the trail to Ranastongi. (larger picture)


We start the climb in the following morning. For a while, the trail follows a brook. (larger picture)
A look back to Vavatn from about 1500m. (larger picture)

Fom 1700m altutude we enter a flat plateau, leading on towards the summit. It's still some 2km to walk. (larger picture)

Here we have reached Midtre Ranastongi 1888m. Jotunheimen is visible in the distance to the northt. (larger picture)

The main summit, seen from Midtre Ranastongi. (larger picture)

And here is looking in the opposit direction, from the main sumit. The flat plateau ends abruptly with steep cliffs, down to the valley Hestebotten. The mountains Hemsedalsfjellen are in the background. (larger picture)

If I look a bit careful, it's because the drop down is about 600m... Klanten 1768m is on the other side of the valley. (larger picture)

The lake Hestebottentjernet at the bottom of the valley. (larger picture)

Another zoom towards Jotunheimen in the north. That view, plus the valley  Hestebotten, makes Ranastongi a very beautiful place. (larger picture)

Descending again, over the snowfields. We reach the car in just 1h 50min. My training on the hill Isaberg at home seems to be paying off... (larger picture)