Målegge 1454m, Norway 19/2 2016

Dante and me take a short trip to Norway to breathe some mountain air. We stay at Bøflaten Camping, Vang, Valdres. It's quite ok when the hut gets warm... (larger picture)


From Vang it's a short trip up to lake Tyin, at 1100m altitude.On the other side of the southern part of the lake is Målegge. The peak is a bit to the right in this picture. (larger picture)

Now we have walked around the lake, some  2,5km. (larger picture)
Climbing the slopes, looking to the southwest. Tyinkrysset can be seen far down there. (larger picture)

First we reach the summit of a smaller, unnamed peak, 1423m, north of Målegge. Jotunheimen is in the background, but it's quite cloudy up there. (larger picture)

To the south the weather is much better. It's a short walk to the northern summit of Målegge, witch is the main summit. There is a southern, slightly lower summit as well, but we skip that one. (larger picture)

The summit cairn at Målegge main summit, 1454m. (larger picture)

To the southeast are the mountains around Vang. (larger picture)

And straight to the south you can see far away, towards the Hemsedal mountains. (larger picture)