The Stok Kangri project 1 (Larsi Peak 5670m), The Himalayas, India
Stok Village trekking point - Stok Kangri Basecamp, 11/7 - 18/7 2016

Stok Kangri (6120m) seen from Lehling Guesthouse in Leh, India. This has been mine and Dantes main target for a long time. (larger picture)


11/7 2016: It takes less than one hour to cross the Indus valley and reach Stok Village trekking point, 3600m. Here is usually a lot of movement with horses and people, even if it seems pretty calm right now. (Större bild)

Just a short bit into the mountains the first "pass" is reached, with maybe a 60-70m climb. This can sound as very little, but we are on 3800m now, and thats a very different matter. If you have spent only 2 days in Leh, as we have, this is a fairly tough climb. Acklimatization takes time. (larger picture)

A look back towards Stok Village and the Indus Valley from the first pass. (larger picture)

The deeper into the mountains you get, the more spectacular the mountains are. (larger picture)

Well this text has got a point. You meet people from all around the world in here. Just about everyone is very kind and it's easy to find new friends. (larger picture)

The first campsite, Chang Ma on 4030m. Here is a teatent where you can get simple food and drink. This is where we get our first setback. Our experience of high altitude from last summer will not apply this time. Just before Chang Ma, Dante feels bad of the high altitude and returns to Leh for the night. (larger picture)

13/7 2016::So now we have jumped one day ahead, before we can set off from Chang Ma towards Mankarmo. This part of the trek starts with i new pass, some 100m climb, but a very beautiful place. (larger picture)

Blue Sheep betweed Chang Ma and Mankarmo. The rams have impressive horns. Incredible climbers! (larger picture)

At Mankarmo camp, 4370m. My one man tent is in the foreground, Stok Kangri in the background (middle) Over the flag is Larsi Peak. Here comes our next setback, more serious this time: I get stomach illness. (larger picture)

Blue sheep, normally quite shy, has come into the campsite. The piture is taken from my tent over Dantes. (larger piture)

17/7 2016: What should have been one day in Mankarmo became four. Finally I feel strong enough to climb the final 600 altitude meters to basecamp. After loosing a lot of my energy we have now changed our main target. If you are not quite fit, do not try and climb Stok Kangri. It's not only very demanding, it's even truly dangerous. We are now looking at the lower Larsi Peak instead. (larger picture)

Två marmots having fun in their own way, with a boxing match. (larger picture)

Stok Kangri Basecamp at 4970m. Our plan was to get here in three days, we needed seven. Our objective is now Larsi Peak (5670m) instead of Stok Kangri (6120m), giving us a real chance of actually reaching our goal. To the left in this picture is Golep Kangri 5950m. (larger picture)
Here we get reminded of that you need to respect Stok Kangri. The day before we get here one man falls to his death up there. We feel even more convinced that we have made the right choice. 
Of all the people we have gotten to know these days, and they are many, the majority never reached the summit. Good physical shape and ackimatization is a must. (larger picture)