Heddersfjell 1461m, Norway 19/9 2015

Time for en autumn trip to Norway. I drive up the road passing Gausta peak, here in the background. The starting point is at about 1150m. (larger picture)


In the other direction is my target, Heddersfjell. The slightly lower western summit is to the right in this picture. (larger picture)

It's something special to walk on the mountain in the autumn. Stronger colors, more saturated. (larger pictures)

It's red, brown and yellow with glittering blue lakes. (larger picture)

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Everybody should exerience the mountain in the autumn, some time in their life. (larger picture)

Some areas shine brightly in red . (larger picture)

One moore lake, now on almost 1300m altitude. (larger picture)

The summt cairn on Heddersfjell, 1461m. It took 1,5h to get here. This is a simple but nice half day trip. Or as in my case good when you've lost your fitness from last summer... (larger picture)

The Gausta peak, 1882m, is quite close and dominates the view. (larger picture)

View to the south. (larger picture)

And to the east south east, with Bleflell to the left. (larger picture)

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's Hallingskarvet at the horizon to the north. (larger picture)

Descending from the main summit, with the lower western peak straight ahead. (larger picture)

Arriving at the western summit, 1414m. It's a short extra walk up here, and well worth the visit. (larger picture)

The main summit, seen from the western summit. (larger picture)

Looking straight to the south. (larger picture)
To the southwest is Gaustaknen, 1524m, in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)