Gaustakne 1524m, Norway 20/9 2015

Time for a short trek before going back to Sweden today. I will climb Gaustakne here visible from the climb on Heddersfjell. The car is best to park along the road, to the left in this picture. (larger picture)


Here is a small lake and a parking place. (larger picture)

This is the highest point om the road. You climb diagonally up the slopes to the left, going around the montain on the southern side. (larger picture)

Up on 1325m, with Lille Gaustakne, 1443m, now visible (larger picture)

Lille Gaustakne is well worth climbing, and I do that first. Here's the summit cairn. It's only some 70-80 extra altitude meters, a short detour. (larger picture)

Closest to the west is Bonsnos, 1304m. (larger picture)

In the other direction is Store Gaustakne. You can easily access it by climbing to the left, to avoid the steeper parts. (larger picture)

The summit cairn on Store Gaustakne(larger picture)

To the east, Heddersfjell that I climbed yesterday. (larger picture)

And to the south is the road, winding down from the mountain towards Notodden. (larger picture)

Blefjell, far away in the east south east. (larger picture)

Looking to the northeast. (larger picture)