Trøgasetnatten 1233m, Norway 7/3 2015

Trøgasetnatten rises just north of Haglebu, and could be concidered a nice peak to climb during winter. Around 400 altitude meters makes this a half day tour. I climbed it the same day I drove up here, before checking in at the motel. (larger picture)


Seeing the summit, I first plan to climb from the southern side, in the middle of this picture. but then I change my mind and climb straight on, where it's steeper. (larger picture)

Reaching the tree limit at 1050m. (larger picture)

Looking south from 1050m. Norefjell in the background(larger picture)

Higher up it gets steeper, and also stronger winds. As it reaches full storm it feels unsafe to continue, with the risk of simply blowing away and loosing all grip. I walk diagonally to the north until it gets flatter, and then continue up. (larger picture)

The main summit from the west. I must focus of stayig on my feet. (larger picture)

To the west there is a larger, flat, high mountain area. (larger picture)

View from the summit. To the east a mighty lenticular cloud has formed.  (larger picture)

Going down again. The lake  Helgesetvatnet with Norefjell in the background. (larger picture)