Gråfjell 1466m, Norway 8/3 2015

Norefjell is a large high mountain area, less than 2 hours drive from Oslo. There are a number of peaks up here, and I have already climbed Høgevarde and Ranten. But the highest of them all, Gråfjell, I havent climbed yet. Now it's time. The picture is from the road going up. (larger picture)


Gråfjell is easiest climbed from the east, where a tollroad (60Nkr 2015) leads up from Hallingdal. It's kept open in wintertime and I can follow it to 900m, before parking at Gulsviksætran. This picture is a bit lower, as the higher areas of Norefjell emerge. (larger picture)

There are plenty of cabins up here. I pass the last one just below 1000m.  (larger picture)

Just above the tree limit, at 1100m. Beautiful lenticular clouds has formed in the wind. Good conditions for soaring right now. 

There is a prepared ski track all the way to the foot of Gråfjell. But I choose to walk in untouched terrain. (larger picture)

I climb steep slopes to a ridge at around 1400m, southeast of Gråfjell, then following it to the summit. (larger picture)

Høgevarde, 1459m, some 4 km to the southeast. It's getting more cloudy now. (larger picture)

Ranten 1419m, straight to the south. It's northern slopes are flatter, in contrast to the steep cliffs to the south. (larger picture)

At the summit, after 3h and with tired legs. It's windy up here, but not as bad as yesterday. A large cairn marks the summit. (larger picture)

Even if I am tired and the wind it hard, I can enjoy the views up here. Here's looking to the northeast. (larger picture)
Zooming in the mountins around Hemsedal, 80 km to the north. (larger picture)