Spiterhøe 2033m, Norway 20/6 2015
Spiterhøe NE 2009m
Skauthøe 1993m


I have never, ever, seen so much snow in Jotunheimen! And this is late June! Western Norway has recieved a lot of snow this winter, and we havent seen much summer heat yet. 
However, we are still having excellent weather, as you can see.
(larger picture)


This time we are camping, and we set our basecamp near Spiterstulen in Visdalen, at 1070m altitude. This is final rehearsal, we need to test our equipment before going to the Himalayas in two weeks. (larger picture)

Spiterstulen is a good starting point for many high peaks in Jotunheimen. We can follow the track leading towards Glittertind, up to 1430m altitude. (larger picture)

From here it's time for snowshoes. (larger picture)

We choose a path that's fairly steep, at least in the beginning. (larger picture)

Dante on the way, far below. The picture is taken from 1660m, after 2h of climbing.  (larger picture)

The summit cairn on Skauthøe 1993m, reached after 3h. (larger picture)

Glittertind 2465m, second highest mountain in Norway and Scandinavia, as seen from Skauthøe. (larger picture)

We take a long brake up here. It's a 90m descent before climbing our second peak, Spiterhøe NE. On our way back we go around this mountain. (larger picture)

The summit of Spiterhøe NE är easy to reach and is really not a peak of its own, it has to little prominence towards Spiterhøe 2033m. (larger picture)

There is only some 20 altitude meters descent, before the final, easy climb to the main summit. (larger picture)

The summit cairn of Spiterhøe, with Leirhøe 2330m behind. We needed 4h to get here. (larger picture)

And today there is a lot of  Jotunheimenfeeling!  The visibility is almost unlimited. Here is a look to the south with Visbretinden 2234m, a bit to the right. (larger picture)

On the other side of the valley Visdalen is Styggehøe, 2214m. (larger picture)

Galdhøpiggen 2469m, the highest peak in Norway and Scandinavia. (larger picture)

Zooming in Kyrkja 2032m, a bit to the left in this picture. (larger picture)