Stok La 4880m, Stok Ri 5002m, The Himalayas 12/7 2015
Part of 4 day trek: Zinchen-Rumbak-Ganda La-Rumbak-Stok La-Stok

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Day 3, 11/7 2015: Brake up time in the morning, at Ganda La Base Camp 4330m. Everyone is going either up or down. We are going back down to the village Rumbak at just below 4000m. (larger picture)


Back at Yurutse 4150m, after only half an hour. (larger picture)

Interesting erosion formations a short bit below Yurutse. (larger picture)

Back in Rumbak after a little more than 2h. We choose not to go far this day. There will be a hard day tomorrow. (larger picture)

We use a homestay, where you get food and a bed (well, a matress on the floor) for a reasonable fee. The food is simple but good, and you get enough. In Rumbak they use a rotating system for who is going to bring in the guests. Smart, I'd say. (larger picture)

Day 4, 12/7 2015: After breakfast, we leave Rumbak and start the tough climb towards Stok La and Stok Ri. We will climb 1000 altitude meters, then descend 1400, and all this with full packing. (larger picture)

Heavy clouds are covering the peaks. There is no good weather in the beginning, but it will be better. The closer we get to the pass, the steeper it gets. (larger picture)

Dante climbing far below. The picture is taken at about 4400m. (larger picture)

It takes more than one additional hour from here to the pass, seen to the right in the picture. tar ytterligare en dryg timme till passet härifrån, vilket syns till höger i bild. Here we are at about 4500m. (larger picture)

Up at last, pheu! Here we are looking back to Rumbak far below, Think about the fact, that Rumbak lies at almost 4000m altitude... (larger picture)

At the other side of the pass, a group with horses reach the so called false pass. The reason for this name is, that if you climb from the other side this seems to be the high point, just until you reach it and then discover the real pass. (larger picture)

But we continue our climb, now with light packing, up to the summit of Stok Ri 5002m. It requires some scrambling on a few places, but there are no real difficulties. In the background, in clouds, is Parcha Kangri, 5590m. (larger picture)

Now we get a stroke of luck, a bearded vulture comes gliding almost right above us. This is a true giant, with a wingspan of about 2,7m. (larger picture)

The bearded vulture once again. (larger picture)

The Indus Valley southeast of Leh, with snowcovered 6000m peaks in the background. (larger picture)

After an exhausting descent, we are approaching the finish of our 4 day trek. The village Stok lies straight ahead, and from there we can take a Taxi back to Leh. (larger picture)