Matho La 4930m, topp 5000m, the Himalayas, India 24/7 2015
Day 1: Stok-Mankarmo, Day 2: Mankarmo-Matho La-Mankarmo-Stok

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Day 1, 23/7 2015: Finally some better weather! With just two days left we start a two day trek, to maximize our trip. On the 23/7 we take a taxicab to Stok Village, with its huge, golden Buddha statue. (larger picture)


The start in Stok is at 3600m. A bit into the mountains, they get a very special structure. (larger picture)

At the Chang Ma camp, 4000m, after a couple of hours. Here you can get simple food or drink, if you don't come too late. We take a brake with tea and noodles, and that's really what's offered. (larger picture)

No comment, except: So true. (larger picture)

After Chang Ma there is a climb over a smaller pass, leading to a long, almost "boring" route towards  Mankarmo camp. (larger picture)

It's a lot of stones and occasional water crossings. If there is a lot of water you may not keep your feet dry here. (larger picture)

At Mankarmo camp, 4400m, on pretty tired legs. (We carry all our gear ourselves) This is the last stop before Stok Kangri Base Camp. Here is a tea tent with all kinds of service. If the weather had been better, Stok Kangri would have been our target earlier on. But now there is no time left for that.  (larger picture)

Our tents (green) with Stok Kangri, 6120m in the background to the right. (larger picture)

Stok Kangri once more. We will probably come back here... (larger picture)

Day 2, 24/7 2015: The day begins with crossing this strong stream. And we have to pass it twice, on the way back as well. Both times we get aid from helpful people, very much needed. (larger picture)

These mountains have a smoother character. The picture is taken at 4700m. (larger picture)

At the pass Matho La, 4930m. We notice that our former acclimatization, from last week, is mostly gone. It's tough on higher altitudes. And we will climb even higher. (larger picture)
Matho La is a very beautiful place. (larger picture)
A Polish group reaching the pass from the south. There isn't much down there, no tea tents or anything. Normally you have to rent horses, guides etc. (larger picture)
Directly southwest of the pass, there is an unnamed peak reaching 5000m. It's a simple climb, apart from the altitude. (larger picture)
At the summit. In the background we can see the pass Stok La. (larger picture)
And this is the perfect day to get up here! (larger picture)
A look back to the pass Matho La, from the summit. (larger picture)
Today we can enjoy the whole Stok Range, reaching far south of Stok Kangri. (larger picture)
Far to the north are the three 7000m-peaks Saser Kangri I, III and II. To the left is Saser Kangri I, 7672m.  (larger picture)
Back in Mankarmo we can enjoy a group of Bluesheep. I think it's a nice name, apart from that they are not blue, and no sheep..
After this we go back to Stok, on VERY tired legs. We have accomplished a big task today. But it's our last day and as it was written on the stone: no pain, no gain...  (larger picture)