Lamdon Hill 4020m, Leh, Himalaya 7/7 2015

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The Himalayan mountains seen from the flight from Delhi to Leh, in the morning  6/7. (larger picture)


We stay at Leh Ling Guest House, 3560m altitude, wich is demanding on the body if you are not acclimatized. The first day the general advise is to do nothing, to prevent altitude sickness. And we do feel a slight dizzyness on this first day. (larger picture)

But it's hard to do nothing when you are in the Himalayas, and the sun is shining! We walk, very slowly, up to  Shanti Stupa with a good view over the city. If you go here, be careful on the first days, and stay alert for any symptoms of altitude sickness. (larger picture)
Shanti Stupa was built by the japanese and is, in my opinion, well worth a visit. (larger picture)

A view to the south from Shanti Stupa. The city of Leh with a lot of green, behind it the Indus Valley, also with a lot of green. Far behind is, among others, Stok Kangri, 6150m. (larger picture)

And here is tomorrow's objective Lamdon Hill, a bit more ambitious than Shanti Stupa. The actual summit is to the left in the picture. (larger picture)

The next day, the 7/7 we walk to the mountain and start climbing. There is a clear path, easy to follow. (larger picture)

Approaching a viewpoint at just below 4000m. (larger picture)

From here it's about 5 min to the main summit. (larger picture)

At the main summit. The usual prayer flags are swaying in the wind. (larger picture)

To the east are dry, desertlike peaks. (larger picture)

But to the west is Leh with a lot of green. (larger picture)

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, with Stok Kangri 6120m in the background. After descending from the mountain, we walk to the monastery. (larger picture)