Ganda La 4980m, Ganda Ri 5110m, Leh, The Himalayas 10/7 2015
Part of 4 day trek: Zinchen-Rumbak-Ganda La-Rumbak-Stok La-Stok

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Day 1 on our acclimatizing trek, 9/7 2015: After 3 days in Leh at more than 3500m vi take off. Here is the Indus river seen from the taxi, taking us from Leh to Zinchen. (larger picturee bild)


Arriving in Zinchen at 3350m. Here are plenty of horses and donkeys prepairing to walk Markha Valley trek. We are not going that far, just a shorter piece to acclimatize for higher altitudes. (larger picture)

A road is being built between Zinchen and Rumbak. Even electricity is beeing drawn to Rumbak. This means that the river crossings that were nessecary earlier, don't have to be done anymore. (larger picture)

As you approach Rumbak after about 3h, the narrow gorge opens up to a wider valley. Behind it are the higher, snowcapped mountains. Here is a teatent at 3860m, where you can get some drink or snacks, We stay for a cup of tea. (larger picture)

We continue to the small village of Yurutse (one house) at 4150m altitude. This is a homestay, meaning you can get food and a bed here. Our original thought was to stay here with our tents, but since we are feeling ok we decide to climb the short way to Ganda La Base Camp. (larger picture)

Less than one hour later we reach Ganda La Base Camp at 4330m.Here is a teatent where you can get food, plus place to put up your tent.(larger picture)

Dante climbing towards Base Camp. In the background to the right, we can now see Stok Kangri, 6120m. (larger picture)

The teatents are normally made of old army parachutes. Our tents are the two small green ones in front of the white teatent. (larger picture)

A happy horse. (larger picture)

Day 2, 10/7 2015: From almost 4500m, Base Camp is still visible down there. We have a light packing now, since we will return to Base Camp.(larger picture)

Dante climbing, now at about 4600m. We really begin to feel the thin air now, must walk slowly.(larger picture)

Short before the pass we pass a flock of yaks. (larger picture)

Plus one or two marmots. (larger picture)
Ganda La Pass, 4980m. This is one of the routes leading to Markha Valley, and many trekkers pass it any normal summers day. It's concidered a difficult passage because of the altitude, especially if you haven't acclimatized properly. Without any acclimatizing you should not try going up here, it would be very dangerous. In the backgroumd is a viewpoint, and behind it the summit of Ganda Ri. (larger picture)
The route further towards Markha Valley, to the west. (larger picture)
A look back to the east, where we came from. (larger picture)
Parts of Zanskar Range, to the west. Unfortunately, many peaks are covered with clouds. (larger picture)
Here's the pass, seen from the viewpoint at 5020m. It's with great effort we climb now. The air is thin. (larger picture)
But we make it, just as the weather collapses and it starts hailing. My altimeter shows 5110m, so I use that as official altitude, since there are quite different opinions about the altitude up here. The first 5000-meter summit, yes!  (larger picture)