Unnamed peak at Wari La pass, 5700m, The Himalayas, India

Today it's finally time to start climbing again. Both Dante and me have been taken out because of bad stomachs, and stayed in Leh for four days. Now we are going for the Wari La Pass. On the way we can see the monastery Chemre Gompa. (larger picture)


In this picture, the pass is a bit to the left and the summit a bit to the right. The road zigzacking up to the pass is visible. If you think the road doesen't seem to be steep, that's probably because it's very high, and the car engines have a hard time getting the cars up there. The altitude of the pass is 5280m. (larger picture)

A look back to the south, from about 4600m. The weather is worse over there, it's probably the monsoon that reaches all this way. But we are further north, still in the rain shadow and in sunshine. (larger picture)

At the Wari La pass. We will climb the slopes to the left. Here is also a very patient taxi driver, who waits for us all the time, and in good spirit. (larger picture)

Wari La Pass seen from about 5500m. It's possible to see the taxi down there to the right. Otherwise here is nothing, and almost no traffic. (larger picture)

And here's the summit, in the other direction. Normally I would have said: "almost there, no problems". But now we trek higher than we have ever done before. Our bodies haven't fully recovered, and we've lost important acclimatizing days. I'm beginning to feel dizzy, my muscels aren't fully cooperating anymore. We are making very, very slow progress. (larger picture)
Catching my breath for a while, during one of my many, many breaks. (larger picture)

Reaching the ridge at about 5630m. (larger picture)

Just 60 altitude meters to the summit now. After every 1-2 altitude meters I have to sit down and rest for a while. (larger picture)
Finally at the summit! It took 4h to climb 400 altitude meters. At lower altitudes, such a climb would have taken about 1h, without any effort. (larger picture)
If you follow the ridge winding to the north from here, you will reach two higher peaks, a bit to the right in this bicture. The first one is 5820m and the second, Tangyar, is 5920m. (larger picture)
Looking to the northeast. (larger picture)

Far away in the north north west, barely visible in the haze, are the 7000:ers Saser Kangri I, II and III. Saser Kangri i reaches 7672m. (larger picture)