Sefenspitze 1948m, Austria 7/4 2015

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Today the weather has improved in the northern alps, and we go to  Tannheimer Tal in northern Tirol, Austria. (larger picture)


The cable car takes us to Füssener Jöchle, 1818m. (larger picture)

We are at the northern edge of the mountains. Here are the German flatlands north of the alps, to the left. (larger picture)
Today is our resting day. But we still want to do something, and our target is Sefenspitze 1948m. With only about 150 altitude meters it should be a nice and easy tour, is our thought. We climb the snowy slope to the left in this picture. (larger picture)

On our way we pass Gamskopf 1890m. It's very easy to access, so we make a short stop here. The weather  is a bit worse for the moment. (larger picture)

NIce tour yes, but not easy! It's steep towards the summit. By kicking our snowshoes into the deep snow and making stairs, we slowly climb upwards. (larger picture)

Dante climbing the final part, before it gets easier again. (larger picture)
Still a bit steep, but much more managable. (larger picture)
Dante taking the final steps towards the summit. (larger picture)

The summit. (larger picture)
The weather is improving again. Here's a look into Tannheimer Tal. (larger picture)

Almost magical, when the clouds disperse and Rote Flüh appears above the lift station. (larger picture)

Now we are talking!. (larger picture)

Zooming in Hochvogel 2593m, to the southwest. (larger picture)
And we get a nice visit, by a chamois. It can't get much better than that!  (larger pictur)