Jägerkamp 1746m, Germany 10/4 2015
Benzingspitze 1735m


Today we are going home to Sweden. But our flights aren't leaving until evening, so there is time for one more mountain. We choose Jägerkamp that can be reached from Spitzingsee. The parking cost 4 Euro. (larger picture)


To begin with, we follow the ski slopes. The few skiers we meet have all climbed up themselves. All lifts are closed. (larger picture)

A break at 1445m, after less than one hour. We are off the ski slopes now. (larger picture)

Just below is Schönfeldhütte. Behind it Rauhkopf 1689m. (larger picture)

Our route leads up a bit to the right in this picture, then on the ridge to the left. (larger picture)

A bit over 1600m now. (larger picture)

Dante climbing the steeper part at less than 1600m. (larger picture)

We would have liked to climb Aiplspitz as well, but we don't have the time for it. There is a plane to catch... (larger picture)

Jägerkamp almost in the middle of the picture. We need another 20 minutes from here. (larger picture)

The final climb to the summit. This is a simple peak, no real difficulties anywhere, even if it's a bit steeper between 1500-1600m. (larger picture)

We reach the summit after less than  2h. (larger picture)

Looking north over the German faltatlands and the lake Schliersee. (larger picture)

Wendelstein (1838m) with its observatory on the summit. (larger picture)

These German mountains, at the border of the flatlands, aren't very high. But they do have a beauty of their own, making them well worth a visit. This is a beautiful area. (larger picture)

Zugspitze, 2962m in the background to the right. (larger picture)
Rotwand 1884m, to the south. (larger picture)
Aiplspitz can be reached in about one more hour, once you are up here. But we don't have that time, unfortunately. It looks like a nice peak. (larger picture)
It doesn't take many extra minutes to reach Benzingspitze, once you're up here. (larger picture)
The summit cross of Benzingspitze. (larger picture)