Monte Elmo 2434m, Italy 9/4 2015
Hasenköpfl 2226m

Time for another visit to the Dolomites. This day we go to the village Sexten, close to the Austrian border. Using the cableway brings us to 2030m. (larger picture)


First we climb the summit  Hasenköpfl, 2226m. (larger picture)

From here we follow the ridge up to Monte Elmo. This route has some steeper sections. (larger picture)

About 100 altitude meters are steeper. Even if the grip with our snowshoes is good, you might need some earlier experience on steeper slopes with snowshoes. It might be easier in the summertime. There is an alterantive, easier route from the south. We use that one going down. (larger picture)
Memories from World War 1, just below the summit. (larger picture)

Almost at the summit. (larger picture)

There is a summit cross, next to the empty house. (larger picture)

Monte Elmo is a border mountain between Italy and Austria. To the northeast we can se the valley leading to Lienz. (larger picture)

And here is the highest mountain in Austria, Grossglockner (3798m) in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)

Elferkofel 3098m and Zwölferkofel  3084m. (larger picture)

Val Fiscalina. (larger picture)

Zooming in Elferkofel and Zwölferkofel. (larger picture)

Drei Schusterspitze 3152m. (larger picture)

En paraglider climbing in a strong thermal. (larger picture)