Via Ferrata on Skuleberget 295m, 30/10 2014

As you go by car on the E4, just south of Örnsköldsvik, the east wall of Skuleberget is clearly visible. There are several "via ferrata" up the steep cliffs. (larger picture)


Today two of the tracks are open, white and red. I get the advice to choose white, since it has been raining with wet vertical cliffs to climb. It's slippery. (larger picture)

But white track doesn't mean there is an escalator installed. Right from start there is a steep wall with iron bars. (larger picture)

Quite soon the views get beautiful(larger picture)

Some parts of the tracks are relatively smooth. (larger picture)

But mostly it's steep, more or less vertical. (larger picture)

The advice to take the white track turns out to be a good one. Even here are some passages where the cliffs are wet, and to some degree slippery.  (larger picture)

But there is a big difference in having a harness, with carabiner. It makes me relax and focus on my task. (larger picture)

Teapause on 200m+. (larger picture)

Almost at the top now. I have kept normal pace, meaning 1,5 hours climbing up. (larger picture)

It was fun to climb, but even so it feels good to be up here. The starting point is visible right below. (larger picture)

The top cabin is just above. It's closed today, in the end of October, but it's a good place for another cup of tea. (larger picture)

The views are beautiful from here, especially in this weather. (larger picture)
Some more views. This is the "High coast" of Sweden. (larger picture)
This mountain is "only" 295m high, but it's directly by the sea, and the steep wall goes almost all the way to the summit. That makes the via ferrata an impressive 250 altitude meters high. A very nice climb, well worth a visit!  (larger picture)
On my descent I choose the path by  Skulegrottan, a cave in the cliff. In the beginning it's mostly stairs going down. (larger picture)
There is a short route to the cave, also called the robbers cave. (larger picture)
The cave is just a small opening in the mountain. But it surely must have been hard to reach, before the path up here was made. (larger picture)