Peak west Toreskyrkja 1354m, 1/5 2014

After checking in at the camping outside Rjukan around 17.00, I drive to Gaustablikk with no plan, more than to walk a short evening tour. The car is parked on 900m and I follow the lift upwards. It's closed, of course... (larger picture)


It's a large facility up here, just east of the Gausta peak. Lots of ski slopes and lifts. (larger picture)

A bit further up, a nice peak appears ahead. That one must be climbed! A quick look at my watch and an estimation to be on the summit before 19.00. (larger picture)

Now on more than 1100m. Here is  the tree limit(larger picture)

The final climb to the summit is a bit steeper. There has been some skiing here. I go around the cliffs on the right side to find an easier climb. (larger picture)

With some 100 altitude meters left, I leave my snowshoes. Not much snow here, climbing with my boots is better. (larger picture)

A bit steep at some places, but still easy climbing the final part. (larger picture)

At the summit, 18.40. This one was an unexpected bonus, not planned when I went for Norway earlier today. The small summit cairn can be seen to the right. Behind is Gausta peak, 1883m.  (larger picture)

To the southwest is GaustarĂ¥en with Gaustakne, 1523m. The mountain road is kept closed during the night, at this time of year. (larger picture)

To the southeast, Heddersfjell 1461m. (larger picture)

To the northeast is a wide, flatter high mountain area. (larger picture)