Bossnuten 1431m, 2/5 2014

Bossnuten, visible from the road going west, from Rjukan over Hardangervidda. (larger picture)


The car is parked below Bossb√łen. There is a sign marking that hikers aren't welcome walking through the farm, so I move around the houses at a suitable distance. (larger picture)

The trail leads up through a valley, and then to the right towards the summit. (larger picture)

There are a large number of ski tracks here. I don't try to follow the trail, but just keep a steady climb. (larger picture)

At 1130m, close to the treeline. The snow is so hard, that I don't bother using my snowshoes here. My normal boots are easier to use. (larger picture)

But as I approach 1200m it gets steeper, time for the snowshoes. The crampons provide a good grip on the hard surface. Don't be fooled by the ski tracks. They were made before the snow got hard. (larger picture)

Climbing, now on more than 1200m. (larger picture)

As yesterday, I leave my snowshoes for the final climb to the summit.There is a large summit cairn at high point, 1431m. I use 1,5h to reach it. (larger picture)

This is a beautiful summit, well worth a visit. Here is Brattefjell, 1540m, to the southeast. (larger picture)

To the northwest is Hardangervidda. The valley Bitdalen in the middle. (larger picture)

To the west, lake Totak, free from ice. (larger picture)
Straight to the south. (larger picture)
But the most impressive, without competition, is Gausta peak 1883m, just some 20km to the east. (larger picture)