Kyrkjeoksle 1843m, 24/6 2014
Austre Kyrkjeoksle 1930m
Langvasshøe 2030m

Time for a new visit to Leirvassbu in Jotunheimen. The car is parked at the hut on 1410m altitude. (larger picture)


The path is easy to follow to begin with, even if we have to pass a number of snowfields. But the snow is hard, easy to walk. Nice.  (larger picture)

First we climb a ridge to 1540m, before descending a bit to the actual climb towards Kyrkjeoksle (larger picture)
The 500 altitude meters up to Kyrkjeoksle are easy to walk. (larger picture)

The summit cairn at Kyrkjeoksle, with the route continuing over the ridge. Austre Kyrkjeoksle is to the right, ahead of Langvasshøe. To the left is
Visbretinden, 2234m(larger picture)

Kyrkja, 2032m, looks like a real challenge from this angle. Even so, this is the side to climb the mountain. It's been five years now, since I was up there. (larger picture)

Glittertind 2465m, far in the northeast. (larger picture)

A happy Bosse at the summit of Kyrkjeoksle, 1843m. (larger picture)

It takes half an hour or so to descend 70m, walk the ridge and climb Austre Kyrkjeoksle, 1930m. The final part is steeper with some real climbing. I'm not sure if I took the optimal route, but there were small cairns. I choose the southwest side. If you go more around the peak to the southeast it's easier. (larger picture)
After yet another descent of 80m the final climb towards Langvasshøe begins. Even here it's a bit steep, and requires some scrambling. (larger picture)
The view from Langvasshøe is very beautiful. Here is Hurrungane to the southwest. (larger picture)

Visbretinden looks tempting, just a km to the northeast. It looks as if you can walk the entire way without problems, even if it's steep. But, it's not on my scedule today. (larger picture)

Straight to the south. (larger picture)

Høgvalgtindane with the glacier Høgvalgbreen, to the west. (larger picture)
To the northwest is, among others,  Storebjørn 2222m and Smørstabbtind 2208m. (larger picture)
The weather is amazing today with almost unlimited visibility. To the left is Skarddalstinden 2100m. (larger picture)