Eldrevassbergi 1501m, 25/6 2014

Eldrevassbergi is found on Hemsedalsfjellet, next to the lake Eldrevatnet. You can park the car at 1130m by the main road and just follow the paths towards the mountain, here visible in the background. (larger picture)


Uncomplicated but beautiful on the trail. (larger picture)

A few isolated snowfields are easily avoided. (larger picture)
After an hour the summit cairn lies ahead. (larger picture)

This is a mountain that's accessibble on a "resting day" or as in our case, an early trip on the day we are going home. The summit is definitly worth a visit. The lake Eldrevatnet lies below. (larger picture)

Further to the west is Høgeloft, 1920m. (larger picture)

Hestebakkdalen, to the southeast. (larger picture)
I believe it's Hallingskarvet, visible far in the west? (larger picture)