Pointe des Fours 3072m, 17/7 2014

Now we are in France. After passing Val D'isere and crossing the pass Col de L'iseran (2764m) we arrive at the starting point, Pont de la Neige 2528m. The parking place is visible down in the picture. Our target, Pointe des Fours, is visible up right.  (larger picture)


Interresting stone formations on the way up, indicating vulcanic activity long ago. (larger picture)

Soon we reach the snowfields, and they are large... (larger picture)

The final part to the pass Col des Fours, 2976m. (larger picture)

From the pass we turn left, towards the summit. (larger picture)

A bit higher, we meet some people having problems passing a steep snowfield. To avoid it, we climb on the cliffs above. This turns out to be more difficult than we had imagined. At some places we have to be careful. On our descent we choose the snowfield instead, wich turns out to be quite simple... (larger picture)

Apart from our bad choice of route, there are no big problems going up. (larger picture)

Widespred views in all directions, with crystal clear air. Here is Mont Blanc, more than 60km away. (larger picture)

Mont Blanc again, in a closeup. (larger picture)

Mont Pourri, 3779m. (larger picture)

Pointe de la Grande Casse, 3855m, in the middle. (larger picture)

A look back on our route up. (larger picture)