Punta della Valletta 3090m, 15/7 2014
(Monte Belleface 2970m)
(Testa Nera 2819m)

We park at the cableway station in Pila, above Aosta. Our rented  Fiatdiesel is spacious and fun to drive. (larger picture)


From the upper cablewaystation at 2320m there is a broad path to the lake Lago Chamolé. (larger picture)

It takes jus a few minutes to reach. A lot of people usually come here when the weather is good. (larger picture)

Grand Combin, 4314m, behind the flowers around Lago Chamolé. (larger picture)

Matterhorn, 4478m, reaching above the clouds to the northeast(larger picture)

Climbing from Lago Chamolé towards our first summit, Testa Nera. If you choose this route the final climb is a little steeper. (larger picture)

The summit cross on Testa Nera with Mont Blanc in the background. I climbed up here one year ago, but couldn't continue because of my home flight, just a few hours later that day. Now I can finish what I couln't that day. (larger picture)

The city of Aosta, more than 2200 altitude meters below. (larger picture)

La Grivola, 3969m, to the west. (larger picture)

And this is our route upwards. Monte Belleface a little to the right, and the summit cross of Punta della Valletta to the left. (larger picture)

Dante on the summit of Monte Belleface. (larger picture)

From here it's just a little more than half an hour to Punta della Valletta. (larger picture)

Almost at the summit. Here and there it's a bit airy, but still it's a fairly easy summit to climb. (larger picture)

The summit cross of Punta della Valletta. (larger picture)

Gran Paradiso, 4061m, to the southwest. (larger picture)

The village Cogne down in the valley (larger picture)
We take the time to test the via ferrata that reaches the summit from the south. It seemes nice to climb. (larger picture)