Grande Chenalette 2890m, 23/7 2014

Today we are going home to Sweden. But there is time for an early trip before leaving Aosta Valley. We go to the Grand st. Bernard pass, 2473m. (larger picture)


The path is well marked and winds steeply up the slopes. At 2650m we can see Grand Combin, 4314m, now quite close. (larger picture)

From here the summit also gets visible. Just a short additional climb, then the actual real climbing will begin. (larger picture)

The final climb is a real "Via ferrata" Do you see the people on the cliffs? (larger picture)

With 100 altitude meters left it gets steeper. (larger picture)

And soon after that the real climb begins. A series of ladders, steel wirers, chains and steel bults help us reach the summit. (larger picture)

The summit is quite sharp. (larger picture)
You can go on from here, to Pointe de DrĂ´ne 2950m. The final part to the summit looks easy enough, but there is also some climbing on the way there. We want to relax without stress today, and stay where we are. (larger picture)

We need one hour to reach the summit. This is a good target for those who want to test something steeper, but with proper securings. But, mark my words, it's no mountain for beginners, far from it! (larger picture)

Mont Blanc 4808m, soon dissapearing behind the growing cumulus. (larger icture)

Grandes Jorasses, 4208m. (larger picture)
Looking north, into Switzerland. (larger picture)

Beeing so close, Grand Combin, 4314m, is the most impressive from here. (larger picture)

But it's beautiful in all directions. Here is a look to the southeast. (larger picture)