Breithorn Mittel 4159m, 18/7 2014
Breithorn West 4164m

It takes three cableways to climb from Cervinia, up to Testa Grigia on  3450m altitude. We arrive at 8 in the morning, this explaining the long shadows. (larger picture)


From Testa Grigia you first climb along with the ski slopes, to the Breithornplateau at 3800m. The plateau is visible in the background. (larger picture)

We need one hour to reach the plateau, where Breithorn gets visible ahead. It takes an additional half hour to pass the flatter plateau. Here is the main summit, or Breihorn West. (larger picture)

But we have chosen Breithorn Mittel as our first target, to the right in the picture. (larger picture)

The slope gradually gets steeper, as the plateau ends. Most climbers have a pause at 3950m, to get their climbing gear out. (larger picture)

At 4000m+ we pass a crevasse. (larger picture)

At 4100m there is a plateau between the two summits. Here is the final path to Breithorn Mittel. (larger picture)

Dante approaching close to the summit. The pace is slow, we are at high altitude with thin air, and the path is small with steep slopes. (larger picture)

A happy me on the summit. Two years ago I climbed Breithorn West, but not this one. (larger picture)

Zooming in Mont Blanc from the summit. The visibility is almost unlimited today, we can see the inversion layer over the flatlands of France, beond the Alps. (larger picture)

To the west is the main summit and the ridge connecting the two peaks. To the right is Matterhorn. (larger picture)

The ridge, a bit more in detail. (larger picture)

The ridge is a bit challenging to walk. Here is Dante, almost at the main summit. (larger picture)

A look to the east from the main summit. Breithorn Mittel appears to be conciderably lower from here, but that is an illusion depending on the fact that the mountains behind are higher. Here we have peaks like Dufourspitze 4634m and Lyskamm 4527m. (larger picture)
Matterhorn, seen from the main summit. (larger picture)