Punta Bettolina 2996m, 16/7 2014

Towards the upper end of the valley above Gressoney is the village Stafal. From here cabeways are leading in two directions. Last year I took the lift up towards Punta Giordani. This time we use the other cableway. (larger picture)


The first part is a larger cabin that lifts us some 400 altitude meters. Here is  Monte Rosa from the middle station. (larger picture)

After using the chairlift we finally reach Col Bettaforca at 2727m. (larger picture)

This is a resting day. But we want to use the perfect weather to the maximum. We also need to adapt to higher altitudes, before attempting Breithorn in a few days. Therefore we take the time to climb this one, needing only 300 altitude meters to climb. (larger picture)

During our climb we make an unexpected, but pleasant encounter.  A group of alpine ibexes appear, and allow themselves to be photographed. (Större bild)

The summit is easy to reach, but the view is great! Here is Grand Tournalin, 3379m, to the west. (larger picture)

Up towards Monte Rosa, Piramide Vincent, 4215m, appears between the clods. To the right is also Punta Giordani, 4046m. One year ago I was up there. (larger picture)

To the west of Piramide Vincent, I believe it could be Roccia Nera visible up there. (larger picture)

Going down again. Here is a look to the valley westwards, towards Champoluc. (larger picture)

Now the alpine ibexes appear again. One of them curiously approaches us. (larger picture)

It turns just a few meters from us. Like that, is that a good camera angle for you? (larger picture)

Contenplating the magnificence... Dante takes a last look towards Monte Rosa before we use the cableway down again. (larger picture)