Peak 1140m, 11/2 2014
close to Vatnaknausen, 1303m

Early morning picture, by free hand in half darness from the balcony of Saffo's and Sakina's house in Voss, where I'm staying as a guest. What a view! To the left is Vatnaknausen 1303m, more in the middle Horndalsnuten 1461m. My plan is ta reach Vatnaknausen today. (larger picture)


The road towards Budalen can be summoned: first gear and a wish that I had four wheel drive. My hope to drive to Budalen at 600m is shattered when I reach this. My Opel Astra can't go on here, even with studded tires. I park my car below 400m, guessing this might jeopardize my original plan.  (larger picture)

A starting ramp for paragliding at 450m altitude. Lønahorgi in the background. (larger picture)

It takes more than one hour to reach the place that I first hoped to access by car. This changes my time plan and also takes energy. Here is a look to the mountain from 650m. (larger picture)

Sometimes the snow is quite soft and my snowshes sink down a bit. This is a look back in Budalen from 750m.  (larger picture)

Looking south from 750m. (larger picture)

Once again, Lønahorgi, now from  900m. (larger picture)

After 3 hours, at13.00 I reach peak 1140m, a bit sothwest from Vatnaknausen. The route ahead is longer than I had thought, I will need at least one more hour to get there. But then I won't be back to my car before dark. On top of that, a cold gale is blowing up here, so I decide to turn back now. (larger picture)

Far to the northwest the sun still shines. (larger picture)

Voss is visible, but in shadow now. Worse weather is on the way. Budalen can be seen down to the right. (larger picture)

Dark clouds move in from the south. I make ny way back to the forest as it starts to snow. (larger picture)
Going down through Budalen. The mountain behind is hidden by clouds and snow. (larger picture)