Kyrkjinøse 1308m, 12/2 2014

Kyrkjinøse is at Filefjell, just north of the village Kyrkjestølane. You can stop along the E16 with just 2km and 350 altitude meters to the summit. This is a short and easy trek, but in my case perfect on my way home, with tired legs from my longer trip yesterday. (larger picture)


The starting point is at 960m. Here is a picture looking back to Kyrkjestølane, just a short way up the slope. (larger picture)

The trail leads to a saddlepoint to the right of the peak. From the other side the climb to the summit is easier.  (larger picture)

Almost at the saddlepoint, now on 1125m. The wind is strong, as the drifting snow indicates. Small cairns are visible above the snow. (larger picture)

The slope leading towards the summit ins't that steep from the other side. (larger picture)

But, as I mentioned, the wind is strong today. This picture is from around 1200m. (larger picture)

Almost at the summit. I need a little more than one hour to get here with my snowshoes. (larger picture)

The summit cairn at Kyrkjinøse. Here is looking to the south. (larger picture)

To the east is Støgonøse, 1439m. (larger picture)

This picture is looking to the north. Everything is white, and the sunlit areas are even whiter. (larger picture)

A look to the west. E16 is visible in the valley below. It is open for traffic today, but the road over Hemsedal is only avaliable in convoys because of the bad weather contitions. The clouds shape dramatic formations, probably to a large part because of waves over the hills. And yeah, it was cold up here... (larger picture)