Wildalpjoch 1720m, 17/4 2014
Lacherspitz 1724m

This is my last day in the alps for this time. In just a few hours I will take a plane from Munich to Sweden. My choice is to stay on the way back in the Bavarian Alps.

And this might be exciting! I park the car in clouds at 1030m, along the road between Oberaudorf and Bayrischzell. This can be a beautiful passage though the clouds. (larger picture)


Oh yes. Just some 15 minutes later it starts to clear up above me. (larger picture)

After another 15 minutes it looks like this. Climbing up above the clouds usually is magical. This is even more.  (larger picture)

Kaiser gebirge(larger picture)

Up to1450m the route is easy, following a small road. After that a trail leads on, sometimes a bit steep. But there are no real problems. My first objective, Wildalpjoch, is in the background. (larger picture)

Going up the trail. (larger picture)

A little higher, my second objective Lacherspitz appears. (larger picture)

The final climb to Wildalpjoch isn't complicated, but a little steep at some places. (larger picture)

Today I'm not alone up here. Two germans help me with a summit picture. (larger picture)

To the north are the German flatlands. (larger picture)

Close by, Wendelstein 1838m, with lift, observatory and even a small chapel. (larger picture)

Lachenspitz as it looks from Wildalpjoch. Far in the background is Zugspitze. (larger picture)

This is a perfect finish of some perfect days in the Alps. Here are Kaiser Gebirge. (larger picture)

To the east, Inntal at the borderline between the Alps and the flatland. (larger picture)

The route continues towards Lacherspitz. (larger picture)

There is some easy scrambling in the final parts towards the summit, but no real difficulties. Here is Wendelstein, seen from Lacherspitz. (larger picture)

And here's a look back to Wildalpjoch. (larger picture)
On my way down again. One final picture towards Kaiser Gebirge. (larger picture)