Krinnenspitze 2000m, 16/4 2014

This was totally unexpected! The weather in Zillertal is bad, so I have gone to Tannheimer Tal where the forecast is better. My plan is to climb a lower peak on the German side, as the lifts should be closed in the valley. But now I see an open lift towards Krinnenspitze! My plan is  changed in seconds, and the lift closes in half an hour! (larger picture)


Here is the summit, 500 altitude meters above the top lift station. Krinnenspitze is 2000m high, in beautiful area in Tannheimer Tal. That's something different than what I had first expected. The fact that I will now get a 500 altitude meter climb, and 900 in descent (as the lift closes) is of little relevance. (larger picture)

Just a few hundred meters from the top lift station is Krinnenalpe at 1527m. It's still open, so I start my climb with a nice cup of tea.

A man in the cabin explains that a summit climb is impossible today, because of all the new snow from yesterday. The risk of avalanches is too high. I ask him if it would be possible to reach the summit from the  flatter southern slopes. "If it's impossible, it's impossible" the man explains with authoritative voice. (larger picture)

I continue my climb to evaluate how the conditions are. At 1680m, you can see Rote fl├╝h 2108m, Gimpel 2173m and K├Âllenspitze 2238m. (larger picture)

The trail turns around the mountain, giving new views all the time. Now  Litnisschrofen, 2068m appears. Behind is Sulzspitze 2084m. (larger picture)

Soon afterwards Edenalpe turns up ahead. It's closed as would be expected. There are not many people here at this time of year. (larger picture)

This area, a part of the northern limestone alps, aren't the highest mountains. The peaks usually reach around 2000m. But in by opinion, they definitely are some of the most beautiful. (larger picture)

Now at an altitude of almost 1800m, you can see the peaks on the other side of Lechtal to the east. (larger picture)

The southern slope to the summit is the easiest, and I don't want too steep climbs with snow and snow shoes. But there isn't much snow today. Half of the time I take my snow shoes off, not to damage them on the rocks. (larger picture)

Almost at the summit. Risk of avalanches? No, here is hardly any snow at all... (larger picture)

At the summit. (larger picture)

The view is great in all directions. It's really beneficial for the soul to be up here. This is a look to the west. (larger picture)

More to the south, Litnisschrofen. (larger picture)

If I had taken the well ment but false advice from the man in the cabin, I would have missed all this.

I can't help but see the parallel to spiritual experiences. If you sit in a cabin, 500 altitude meters below the summit, it doesn't help how much you believe you know. You must come up there yourself, otherwise you dont know. (larger picture)

Looking east, Lechtal can be seen far below. (larger picture)
I found a new friend up here. This little bird, called alpendohle in german, had no problems at all eating from my hand. (larger picture)