Kreuzjoch 2558m, 14/4 2014
Karspitze 2257m

Kreuzjoch can be seen a little to the right. The picture is taken from the balcony in my Bed&Breakfast stay in Zillertal, Austria. Quite a view! (larger picture)


The Karspitzbahn, starting from Zell am Ziller, takes you to 2135m. (larger picture)

The ski slopes can be followed upwards. This is definitely a ski paradize in winter. Lots of slopes and lifts, lots of people but no crowds.  (larger picture)

It just takes half an hour to reach the first summit Karspitze, 2257m. In the final climb I leave the ski slopes. That feels rather good, even if they are easy to walk. (larger picture)

Looking north from Karspitze, the Zillertal reaches out to Inntal. Here the mountains are lower (2000m+) and with rounded shapes. (larger picture)

To the south it's a totally different story. 3000m peaks lining up in a dramatic way. This is magnificent!  (larger picture)

But now I'm moving on towards Kreuzjoch, a little to the right in this picture. I need to reach the ski slopes which can be seen to the left, then follow the ridge to the summit. (larger picture)

I choose a nice route in virgin snow, down through a valley (do you see the tracks after my snowshoes?) before reaching the ski slopes again. The summit cross of Karspitze can be seen up left. (larger picture)

In the final part towards Kreuzjoch you must once again leave the ski slopes. But I have taken my time, stopping for a nice cup of tea in a restaurant. There are advantages following a ski slope... (larger picture)

The passage over the ridge is narrow at some places, requiring some care.  (larger picture)
This would have been easier after the snow has melted. But with the crampons on ny snow shoes I get a good grip. (larger picture)
The summit cross at Kreuzjoch, 2558m. (larger picture)
The view is magnificent! The perfect weather makes everything even better. Here is looking to the southwest. (larger picture)
Zooming in to the south. (larger picture)
Actually, I don't want to leave this place. But there are warnings of a fast approaching coldfront, with really ugly weather. Eventually I start my decent. (larger picture)