Rundemellen 1345m, 22/9 2013
Kalvemellen 1134m

The road towards Rundemellen begins about 10km north of Fagernes (payroad 50 Nkr). Here's the mountain just short of the parking place, with Kalvemellen to the left.  (larger picture)


We park the car at 970m, close to  Turrsjøen south of the mountain. Only 380 altitude meters makes this peak very accessible. (larger picture)

Peter och Dante going up. The forest opens up on 1100m. (larger picture)

A view to the south  söderut from 1100m. (larger picture)

The lake Rabbalsvatnet to the northeast. (larger picture)

The climb to the summit is on the northern side of the mountain, technically easy. A large cairn on the summit.  (larger picture)

To the south, a few smaller cairns in front of the steeper cliffs. (larger picture)

To the north, some of the higher peaks of Jotunheimen can be seen between the clouds. (larger picture)

Going down again. After reaching the mountain from the eastern side, we now go back to the west, making a full lap around Rundemellen. (larger picture)
Eventually, Kalvemellen turns up ahead. Being there, close to us, makes it easy to climb. With only 80 altitude meters extra, it's an easy task. (larger picture)
The summit cairn on Kalvemellen. From the ridge we can follow a trail, leading us all the way down to the car again. (larger picture)
The Hemsedal mountains to the west. (larger picture)
Looking south, Turrsjøen and the parking place ahead of it. (larger picture)