Grindane 1724m, 21/9 2013

You reach Grindane from E16, a few km east of Vang. From there, take the small payroad towards Smådalen (double tolls, 110 Nkr). Here is the mountain from the small road. (larger picture)


You can park the car on 1180m altitude, making this peak quite accessible. Here is Peter with Rankonøse, 1771m in the background. (larger picture)

The trail is easy to follow. (larger picture)

On the first two km the trail is horizontal, passing the lake Grindetjernet. Here is Grindane behind. (larger picture)

Reaching more than 1300m. The payroad is visible in the background, with the cars at the right end. (larger picture)

At 1420m altitude a fence is passed. After that we turn right for the peak, visible to the right. (larger picture)

Looking down to Grindetjernet from the summit. The high cliffs are impressive. (larger picture)

Unfortunately the weather is bad this day. We have storm gusts and snow, limiting our view. Here is Rankonøse. (larger picture)

The closest mountain to the west is  Belgjinøse, 1564m. We don't stay long at the summit. Because of the weather we soon start our descent.  (larger picture)