Røggjin 1370m, 25/6 2013

A view of Røggjin, as it looks from Hemsedal. This is wintersport area, with skislopes and large tourist facilities high on the mountain. There is a road, (toll road) that passes the facilities and continues up on the mountain. (Larger picture)


6km after the toll station, on 1050m altitude, a small sign marks the beginning of the path. Just 300 altitude meters, with no technical difficulties makes this a very accessible peak. We climb it as an evening tour, to have something nice to do after coming up here.  (Larger picture)

Even though the path is well marked, we still lose our way and get a steeper climb than decessary. No problems anyway. Here's a picture to the northwest fråm 1230m. (Larger picture)

Almost at the top (the marking is visible in the background). Warm weather makes the snow melt fast, with high waterlevels and even flooding in the valleys. (Larger picture)

The top cairn at Røggjin, with a view to the north. The lake Vavatn to the right in the background. (Larger picture)

To the northwest the road continues from Hemsedal, through Heimdalen and then over the mountains to the westlands. (Larger picture)

Straigh to the west, the lake  Gyrinosvatnet, with Reineskarvet behind. (Larger picture)

To the east is Hemsedal, with  Skogshorn 1728m (among others) behind. In the middle of the picture is the lower peak Såta 1257m. (Larger picture)

Far up to the north we can get a glimpse of the sharper peaks in Jotunheimen. That's where we are going tomorrow.  (Larger picture)