Monticchio1697m, 4/7 2013

After landing on Milano Malpensa at 12, I drive to Alpi Biellesi for a short afternoon trip. My target is Monticchio, easily accessible with some 300 altitude meters from the restaurant  Bocchetto Sessera. (larger picture)


What makes this hike a little special is that Monticchio is on the very limit to the Po Valley. The picture taken after some 50 altitude meters.  (larger picture)

Further up, there are alpine roses. Picture taken to the northeast. (larger picture)

The final climb to the summit. (larger picture)

A small wooden cross marks the summit of Monticchio. I only need 45min to get up here. Then I have been walking deliberatly slow, not to get tired until tomorrows climb, which will be much higher. That means, it's quite easy to get up here. (larger picture)

It's possible to continue along the ridge, to Cima del Bonom, 1877m, here to the left. It takes about one hour from Monticchio. If you feel like it, you can then go on to Cima de la Guardie 2007m (lower peak to the right). Just remember that you are going the same way back again. (larger picture)

Monte Mars 2600m, to the southwest. (larger picture)

Looking out the Po Valley to the south, you see the town of Biella. There is a special beauty in standing on the borderline between the flatland in one direction, and sharp alpine peaks in the other. (larger picture)

This could be called a simple family hike, accessible even for those who suffer from vertigo. The only negative thing I noticed, was a near trampling on a small viper. I don't know who got most scared, me or the viper. (larger picture)

Red Admirals and Painted Ladys fly around the summit. Finally I managed to get one Painted Lady to sit still, long anough for a picture. (larger picture)

The ski resort Bielmonte is close to Monticchio. There is much activity during wintertime, but now it's deserted.  (larger picture)