Lancebranlette 2935m, 11/7 2013

Lancebranlette is normally climbed from the Petit st. Bernard pass, on the border between Italy and France, southwest of Aosta. Seen from the Italian side, it really looks impressive. (larger picture)


The pass reaches 2188m, a beautiful and calm place. There are just a few visitors up here. (larger picture)

The climb starts from the French side. Park the car at Le Hospice, just a short bit from the pass, on 2160m. From here you can see the path zigzagging up the mountain. (larger picture)

The road leading down to Bourg st. Maurice on the French side. The picture is taken on 2400m. (larger picture)

The target is straight ahead. You access the peak from the left. (larger picture)

Between 2650m and 2700m is the only difficult section. In fact, some of the people trying today turned around here. Steeper, with loose shale stones makes the climb slippery. You need to follow the used track here, to get a grip. (larger picture)

On the summit, after 2h. The space is limited up here, in fact what you see in this picture is what you get. (larger picture)
But this is nice! Well, nice would be the understatement of today. Its stunningly beautiful! The visibility is very good, after some days of worse weather. Some French Alps in the background. (larger picture)
More to the east, to the Italian side.  (larger picture)
Far to the north is Grand Combin 4314m. It's within Swintzerland. (larger picture)
Looking down to the road from Italy. The village La Thuile can be seen up to the left. (larger picture)
To the south, close to Val D'isere in France, Mont Pourri 3779m. (larger picture)
Unfortunately, Mt. Blanc is hidden behind clounds today. But the peaks north of it are not.

I get down to the pass, and a good cappuccino in 55min. At last my legs are working as they should! And tomorrow is my final day here, how sad...  (larger picture)