Punta Hellbronner 3465m, 6/7 2013

This is resting day. I have no plans to climb a peak, just to take the cable car to Refugio Torino at Courmayeur,  enjoying the view around Mont Blanc. The cable car stays at 3335m. After that you climb one stairway to 3375m. A few tourists moan here. We are fairly high... (larger picture)


Up here you can leave the public areas and reach the glacier. I have no equipment, just ordernary gymnastic shoes, and ask a group of alpinists if it's possible to walk a short bit, and how far?

"There are crevasses" they say. "If you fall into a crevass, then stop".  With this good advice I enter the glacier. 
(larger picture)

Of course, I only walk on the very trampled tracks. About a km out you can see this. The cable car from Punta Hellbronner, 3465m to Aiguille du Midi, 3842m. Mt. Blanc in the Background. (larger picture)

I reach a smaller peak, which I could have climbed with the right equipment. But without it's too dangerous. Instead, I climb Punta Hellbronner to get a deacent view from there. (larger picture)

Naturally, there is no great achievement in walking around a couple of km here. But it's so spectacular, that I show the pictures for that reason. Dente del Gigante, 4014m and Grandes Jorasses, 4206m. (larger picture)

Zooming in Dente del Gigante. It doesn't look easy to climb up there.  (larger picture)

Aiguilles des Noires, 3773m. (larger picture)

And there it is, Mont Blanc 4807m. To the right is Mont Maudit 4468m. (larger picture)

A closeup on Mont Blanc, from all directions and always, a mighty giant.  (larger picture)