Punta Giordani 4046m, 5/7 2013

Time for a new attempt on Punta Giordani. Dante and me didn't make it all the way to the top in april this year, too much ice.

This time I'm alone. I use the cableway from Gressoney, and then the Funifor lift up to Punta Indren. Punta Giordani isn't visible hear. It's hidden behind Stolemberg to the right. (larger picture)


At the top station, Punta Indren 3275m. Warnings are given so tourists won't run about on the glacier. There are crevasses... Punta Giordani can be seen up there, a little to the right. (larger picture)

It's somewhat of a battle against time. I enter the glacier at 10.15, a bit late for what I'm about to do. Cumuli clouds are rising, and I want to reach the summit before they eventually do. The picture is taken on 3350m. (larger picture)
Over 3500m it gets steeper. On 3600m I have reached the same altitude as the cloud tops. (larger picture)

Now on 3700m. Two climbers have reached the so called "eye". (larger picture)

The last part is fairly easy, but long lasting. The 200 altitude meters feels as if they will never end. I have tired legs and start to feel the thin air. You should climb a couple of 3000-ers before taking on this altitude. Now it's obvious I'm without altitude practice.  (larger picture)

Mont Blanc rises above the clouds, about 85km to the west. Thank's to the clean air up here it's clearly visible. (Större bild)

The summit of Punta Giordani, 4046m. The very last meters concists of a cliff without snow, with a small madonna statue. The cumuli clouds never come close to the summit today. Wonderful, magical! (larger picture)
A group getting ready to ski down again. It's not wise to go close to the edge...  (larger picture)

And here is the big picture! I reached the summit in 2,5h, even if it was slow towards the end. The french guy taking the picture insisted I should take my cap off. Well, I don't know if it gets any better... (larger picture)

A look down to the trail leading up. The cablecar station is visible a little to the left down there. (larger picture)

Far to the southwest, La Grivola, 3969m, among others. (larger picture)

Capana Margerita to the left. The mountains far below certainly aren't small. It's Monterosa that's so much bigger... (larger picture)

Parrotspitze 4432m, and Capana Margerita 4554m. (larger picture)

Corno Nero 4321m, and Ludwigshöhe 4341m. (larger picture)
Piramide Vincent 4215m. You might argue that Punta Giordani is more of a ridge reaching east from it's side, than an individual summit. But it's so clearly marked, and reasonably accessible (for a 4000-er) that it's a very popular target for climbers. (larger picture)
Zooming in Balmerhorn 4107m, with its high statue of the Christ (compare with the bivack). (larger picture)