Punta Falinere 2762m, 7/7 2013
Punta Fredda 2513m

You can go by car from Valtournanche to a parking place on 2025m. Just follow the signs to Cheneil. (larger picture)


From here it a 10min walk to the small village Cheneil, only accessible on foot. (larger picture)

A few spread out larches on more than 2300m. In the background is Grand Tournalin 3379m, and Petit Tournalin 3207m. (larger picture)

Gentians and Anemones on 2400m. (larger picture)

From the ridge at 2480m, it's an easy walk to Punta Fredda 2513m. (larger picture)

Looking north towards Monterosa. Cumulus clouds close the view more and more. (larger picture)

Back towards Punta Falinere, now hardly visible through the clouds.  (larger picture)

Between the peaks is the small chapel Santuario Clavité. This picture is taken on the way down, when the weather has turned a little better. (larger picture)

This picture I also took going down. The last 80 altitude meters are a little steeper, and you need your hands at a few occations. It can also be a little airy. But otherwise the climb from the west is straigtforward. (larger picture)

A metal cross markes the summit. The clouds remain, even if the weather gradually improves. Valtournanche can be seen down in the valley. (larger picture)

Here is the ridge going between the peaks. Even the chapel can be seen down there. I need 1h 15 min down to the parking place again. At last my legs are beginning to work again. (larger picture)