Attempt on Punta Giordani 4046m, 3/4 2013

It takes three cable cars to get from  Alagna 1100m, up to Punta Indren 3273m. The man handling the highest cable car, tells us the conditions on Punta Giordani are difficult, with icy parts higher up. With our snowshoes we will have to turn back after a while, he says. (larger picture)


Well, the weather is perfect and it's stunningly beautiful even from the start. Punta Giordani is the lower part to the right of Piramide Vincent, 4215m. The route passes over the glacier in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)

A closer look at the route gives a better view. The summit can be seen high in the middle. There are people climbing, but they haven't reached the ice fields yet. (larger picture)
At first the climb is fairly easy with a slope of maybe 25 degrees. We reach 3500m with little effort. The cable car station is in the middle of the picture. (larger picture)

Taking a brake on 3545m, where we meet a group, training vertical climbs with ropes. The slope is getting steeper now. (larger picture)

Zooming in to the south. (larger picture)

Dante making his way up. So far our snowshoes has served us well. There are six steel crampons, giving a good grip on a harder surface. (larger picture)

New pause on 3700m. (larger picture)

To the west, Mt. Blanc, 4810m. (larger picture)

Two persons are a bit above us. They use real crampons and ice axe, suitable for the steeper and harder surface up there. We eventually reach their position, and also cross the next ice field. But then we abort on 3780m, for safety reasons. Most of all, the lacking of ice axes makes further climbing insecure. It gets easier further up, but that doesn't help. (larger picture)
Soon back down again. It feels a bit hard that we couldn't reach the summit. But our equipment was not suitable for the conditions up there. We had a fantastic day anyway, reaching 3780m. Punta Giordani will remain on the wishlist until another day. (larger picture)