Monte Morissolo 1311mm, 31/3 2013
Monte Morissolino 1410m

We arrive at Milano Malpensa at noon, and a little more than one hour later we have reached the Alps at Lago Maggiore. Beatiful views on the road towards the town Stresa. (larger image)


There is a small road from Verbania up to Piancavallo on 1250m altitude. Here is a large parking place, and it's free of charge! (larger picture)
A small road, built during world war one, first leads us some 500m through a forest. (larger picture)

After that it opens up. Here's a view down towards Lago Maggiore more that 1000 altitude meters below. (larger picture)

The road continues towards Monte Morissolo, a little to the right in the picture. (larger picture)

The route is horizontal and easy to walk, but quite spectacular. (larger picture)
It takes a little more than 30 minutes to reach Monte Morissolo. Instead of going directly for the peak you can use the road to the right, leading to the military tunnels. (larger picture)

The tunnels were built during world war one, and lead into a system where you must find a stone stairway, leading up the mountain. (larger picture)

Insead of using the stairway, leading to a military observing point, climb to the right of it up to the three crosses. One of the crosses seem to have fallen during the winter. The climb is a little exposed and demands some care. Martin recuperates after the climb. (larger picture)
The town C├ánnero Riviera seen from the view point. (larger picture)

From the three crosses there is just a few meters to the high point on  Monte Morissolo, 1311m. Here's a view to the south and the Po valley.  (larger picture)

To the north are some higher mountains. The snow and the excellent visibilty makes it astonishing. In fact, we can see all the way to the Appeninian mountains today. (larger picture)

Going back, we take the time to climb Monte Morissolino as well. We didn't plan to get tired of the additional 150 altitude meters, but in the deep snow it's difficult to walk. Snowshoes would have been perfect here. (larger picture)

But there is a great reward in  reaching the summit. Here's Dante looking to the east. (larger picture)
Another picture to the east.  (larger picture)
Looking to the west, we see Monterosa rising far beond 4000m. We will get closer acquainted to these mountains during the coming days. (larger picture)