Joderhorn 3036m, 2/4 2013

The pittoresque village Macugnaga, on 1300m, below the east wall of Monterosa. The peaks reach more than 4500m, impressive to say the least. The picture can onle give an idea, you have to be here to get the size of it. (larger picture)


The first cable car reaches Alpe Bill on 1700m. (larger picture)
After that the next cable car climbs to 2810m. The almost vertical cliff wall behind is 2500 altitude meters high. One must be here and see it to fully understand. (larger picture)
First we climb to the golden madonna, marking the Monte Moro Pass. That is also the border to Switzerland. Our rented snowshoes work excellent in the soft snow. (larger picture)

Joderhorn seeen from Monte Moro Pass. (larger picture)

The climb to the summit is harder and more difficult than I had expected. Both hard and soft snow on a steep slope isn't perfect for our snowshoes, even if they have steel crampons. But I make it anyway, carefully and on tired legs.  (larger picture)

The reward for my effort is big, about as beautiful I have ever seen. I can see far down on the Po valley to the south. (larger picture)
The view towards Monterosa is hard to beat. From 3036m I can see Magugnaga on 1300m, far below. At the same time there is Dufourspitze on 4634m, high above me (larger picture)

The summit cross can barely bee seen, not being placed on the highest point. Snowshoes or no snowshoes, I won't go down that slope to the cross. There is a vertical cliff below... (larger picture)

To the northwest, in Switzerland,  you can see Strahlhorn, 4190m. (larger picture)
Straight to the north, parts of Berner Alpen above the Rhone valley, with Bietschhorn 3934m. (larger picture)