Skurvefjellet 1741m, 9/9 2012

A front has passed during the night, and in the morning all mountains are covered with clounds. But the weather slowly improves and we start at 9.30, 920m altitude. It's 2,5 degrees celsius. Såta, 1257m, can be seen through the clouds. (larger picture)


Into the clouds. We are passing the lake Såtetjerne at 1069m. The visibility is almost zero. (larger picture)

But it can be beautiful even within a cloud. We follow the stream for a bit, looking for a good path towards the south summit of Skurvefjellet. (larger picture)

A little higher we approach the top of the clouds. The mountains begin to appear again. (larger picture)

Only a short while later we reach the top of the clouds. Here it turns really beautiful, almost magical. The summit of Såta reaches up through the clouds. (larger picture)
The ski slopes of Hemsedal, seen from the south summit at 1428m. The lower stratus layer is beginning to disperse, but there is another, higher up. (larger picture)

To the south, the high waterfall of Veslehorn can just barely be seen. (larger picture)
Up towards the main summit it looks worse. It's still covered by the higher stratus layer. We are still optimistic, and start climbing. (larger picture)
On the southeast lookout point, GPS-altitude 1712m, about one hour later. The clouds disperse just a few minutes before we get there. The main summit is still in clouds. (larger picture)
To the southeast are the slopes towards Nibbi, 1741m. (larger picture)
At the main summit, 1741m. It's only 500m from the lookout point, and the summit is now free from clouds. We feel rather good about that. (larger picture)
A few pictures from the way down, when the weather has improved. Here is the lake Såtetjerne at 1069m, with the south summit of Skurvefjellet. The steep wall is sometimes used by climbers. (larger picture)
Skurvefjellet, seen from the road. The south summit is to the left of the middle, while the main summit is hidden behind the slopes of NIbbi. (larger picture)