Hydalshjallen 1425m, 8/9 2012

We arrive at Hemsedal towards evening, and go for an evening hike before the day ends. The car is parked at the lake Vavatn, altitude 1150m. (larger picture)


A small lake above 1200m. This area is beautiful and accessible. We ascent the slopes to the right towards the first summit. (larger picture)

The summit cairn at point 1383m. (larger picture)

A look to the west. The lake Vavatn closest. (larger picture)

To the northeast is Hydalsberget, that I climbed in june this year. (larger picture)
Its only a short distance, 10-15min, fron point 1385m to the main summit at 1425m. A small cairn marks the summit. (larger picture)

A reindeer herd don't see us coming, until we are quite close. They look at us to evaluate for about half a minute, then they quickly leave. (larger picture)
Straight to the north is Ranastongi, 1900m, with its flat summit. (larger picture)
To the east and 500 altitude meters below is Hydalen. The evening sun can still reach it. (larger picture)
This is a beautiful area, easy accessible and without any tecnichal difficulties. The hike can be prolonged to Hydalsbergi, 1594m. We choose to turn back here, giving us 300+ altitude meters and about 2h walking. Perfect for an evening when you have some time to spare. (larger picture)